HANOI: Promoting the consumption of craft village products and developing community tourism

Saturday, November 5, 2022  15:16

The store introduces and sells OCOP products in Bat Trang commune, Gia Lam, Hanoi

After more than 3 years of implementing the Program One Commune, One Ward, One Product (OCOP), Hanoi has focused on exploiting the potential and advantages of each locality. The OCOP program has been contributing to promoting production, increasing people's income, and creating conditions for business expansion and development for enterprises, cooperatives, and craft village production establishments.

Hanoi has 1,350 craft villages and craft villages, accounting for the largest number of craft villages in the country, converging 47 occupations out of a total of 52 traditional occupations of the country. Among them, there are 318 craft villages and traditional craft villages recognized by the City People's Committee. Each craft village in Hanoi has its own identity with unique and sophisticated products imbued with national cultural identity. Mr. Nguyen Van Chi, Deputy Chief of the Standing Office of the Coordination Office of the New Rural Area Program in Hanoi, said that in order to exploit the strengths of craft villages to develop tourism and consume products, Hanoi planned to develop the craft villages as a whole, along with policies to support human resource training, product design, as well as support craft villages in advertising and promotion activities commercial.

Hanoi Bat Trang Craft Village

Currently, Hanoi is the national leader in the number of OCOP products and the number of national-level OCOP products (5 stars). Hanoi has over 11,000 agricultural and food products that have been tagged with QR Codes. This is the City's great advantage in evaluating, ranking as well as introducing and promoting OCOP products. Many of Hanoi's OCOP products are gradually becoming strong brands such as Quang Vinh Ceramics, Phung Xa lotus silk, Duong Kien vermicelli, etc., which are positively received by consumers in the capital and the whole country, bringing benefits to both the capital and the country. stakeholders, and at the same time create motivation to promote sustainable development of Hanoi's OCOP Program.

The Hanoi People's Committee has directed all levels, branches, districts, and districts to carry out many solutions such as Building and developing OCOP products "Community tourism services and tourist attractions"; building specific models of agricultural and rural tourism linkage chains with the participation of farmers - cooperatives - business households - enterprises. Hanoi promotes and promotes tourism products associated with traditional craft villages, agricultural and rural industries; improves the quality of tourism human resources at community tourist sites associated with traditional craft villages, agricultural and rural industries; formulates and implements policies to support investment in the economic development of agricultural and rural tourism in association with new rural construction in the city. From the beginning of 2022 up to now, the Hanoi People's Committee has directed departments and sectors to organize many fairs to promote, introduce, connect and trade OCOP products, events held in association with regional cultures. across the country to create attractive destinations to attract people from the capital and tourists from all over the world.

Craft village products meet OCOP Hanoi standards

One of the most important contents and tasks of the OCOP program, which is to enhance digital transformation, has been implemented by Hanoi such as: Promoting the application of information technology and digital transformation in communication; promoting e-commerce development for OCOP products through e-commerce platforms, online sales channels, direct interactive sales (Livestream), especially for large-scale products small, regional and local specialty products. The Hanoi New Rural Coordination Office has signed and cooperated with TikTok to help improve the digital capacity of OCOP subjects of regions across the country in general and Hanoi in particular...

The methodical and synchronous investment, creating favorable conditions for craft villages to consume products and promote tourism is the sustainable development direction of traditional craft villages. Craft village tours and routes associated with spiritual cultural activities and traditional festivals of each locality are contributing to the diversification of tourism products to attract tourists to visit, experience, and improve incomes. for the people, promoting local socio-economic development.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum