Thanh Hoa develops OCOP products

Tuesday, November 1, 2022  13:30

Cao Ngoc brocade products

After nearly 4 years of implementing the program "One commune, one product" (OCOP), Thanh Hoa province has gradually created brands for agricultural and non-agricultural products, and advantageous services of localities and built, developing hundreds of value chains in production, bringing key products, characteristics, and strengths of the province to domestic and foreign markets.

According to a representative of the leadership of the Office for Coordination of the New Rural Development Program in Thanh Hoa province, the OCOP program in Thanh Hoa province has been implemented since 2018, promoting creativity, improving production and business capacity for farmers' businesses, building links for sustainable community economic development, creating many high-quality goods products with their own brands of each locality, contributing to job creation, income growth and economic transformation labor structure in rural areas.

In the roadmap to implement the OCOP program, the Party committees, authorities, and localities in Thanh Hoa province always determine to build and develop OCOP products in both quantity and quality in order to create a comprehensive ecosystem in development production, promote the rational restructuring of rural labor, protect the environment and preserve the good traditional and cultural values ​​of the locality.

Recently, Thanh Hoa province is also focusing on awakening the potential and strengths of specialty products and rural industries associated with advantages in production conditions, raw material areas, and traditional culture to increase the price treatment of OCOP products.

5-star product Luan Dang Hai Van pomelo

After more than two years of implementation, Ngoc Lac district has been actively implementing propaganda, step by step exploiting the potential and advantages of the locality to build typical agricultural products into products. OCOP. Up to now, Ngoc Lac district has 4 products that meet the provincial 3-star OCOP product criteria, including Huong Ngoc vermicelli of Thanh Cong agricultural, commercial and construction service cooperative, Ngoc Lien commune; Thach Lap areca sticky rice of Toan Thang Agricultural Service Cooperative, Thach Lap commune; Tapioca flour Huong Que of Ngoc Tan Agricultural Service Cooperative, Ngoc Lien Commune and Golden Melon 369 of Kien Tho Agricultural Service Cooperative, Kien Tho Commune. In 2022, Ngoc Lac district strives to have at least 4 OCOP products or more that meet the provincial 3-star standard, including Kien Tho honey, Minh Tien molasses, Cao Ngoc brocade, and Ngoc Son Gotu kola tea. ...

Huong Hoa honey cooperative (Thach Thanh district, thanks to compliance with a closed control process to ensure food hygiene and safety, Huong Hoa honey products have been VietGap certified, OCOP certified, not only serving customers). Thanh Hoa, Huong Hoa honey has been present in many provinces and cities across the country, receiving the trust of consumers.

Dien Trach yellow melon

In addition to Huong Hoa honey, at present, many other products of Thach Thanh have been certified by OCOP at the provincial level such as Thanh Minh vermicelli of Thanh Minh vermicelli cooperative; Lemongrass essential oil of Minh Hong Essential Oil Production and Trading Co., Ltd; Hung Hai orange products of Hung Hai Co., Ltd; Thanh Tam guava products of Thanh Tam Guava Cooperative.

Recently, Tho Xuan district has implemented many measures synchronously. Up to now, the whole district has 11 products that have been recognized by the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee as OCOP at the provincial level, of which there are 10 3-star products and 1 4-star product. The 3-star rating includes Lam Tham gai cake, Duc Giang peanut candy, Duc Giang brown rice candy, Harrow tooth cake, Thanh Nghia grilled spring rolls, Tuong Xuan Pha, Xuan Hoa cantaloupe, Vinh Lai grilled spring rolls, Vinh Lai sausages and Quang Phu tapioca flour. Especially in 2020, there is Luan Van Hai Dang pomelo product of Lam Son - Golden Star Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd which is evaluated and rated 4-star OCOP product. The rated products have made progress in quality, diversity in design, and packaging, ensuring conditions, regulations on stamps, labels, and product traceability.

In 2022, Tho Xuan district has set a goal of having 5 products including Dien Trach cantaloupe, Japanese lotus seeds, Phu Xuan rice vermicelli, Ngoc Duong white melon, and Xuan Minh rice that will be recognized as OCOP products at the provincial level.

With the OCOP Program, Thanh Hoa promotes the circular economy, contributing to raising people's incomes, preserving cultural values, and protecting rural landscapes and the environment. Over the past time, the OCOP program has contributed to building a sustainable new countryside in the localities of Thanh Hoa according to three principles: quality and sustainable value chain, creativity and community strength, and improving the quality of human resources.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum