Chuong My: Effectiveness from the One Commune One Product Program

Thursday, November 3, 2022  10:04

Dien pomelo is one of the typical OCOP products of Chuong My district

In recent years, the district has implemented the One Commune One Product (OCOP) Program which has brought about remarkable results. Many agricultural products, handicrafts, and goods of the district have been certified by the Hanoi People's Committee to achieve an OCOP of 3 stars or more. Chuong My district has 1 Phu Nghia industrial park with an area of ​​170.1 ha, with 06 clusters that have been formed and put into operation. Industrial zones and clusters have attracted 170 production and business enterprises in the field of industry and handicrafts.

Chuong My has 36 craft villages, some traditional occupations are very developed such as the Production of bamboo and rattan, carpentry, and embroidery... Along with that, the district has strengths in agricultural products such as Organic rice Dong Phu, Chuong My pomelo, Chuc Son safe vegetable, and Tien Vien chicken egg... These are favorable conditions for Chuong My district to implement the "One commune one product" program. In order to promote the strengths of the locality, the district has focused on directing, operating, and promoting the implementation of the OCOP program. Every year, the district organizes conferences, seminars, and exchanges of experiences between units to highlight the role of the OCOP program in association with building advanced rural areas...

3-star OCOP products Chuc Son: Green onions, water spinach, collard greens, spinach, tomatoes, coriander.

Since 2019, the District People's Committee has implemented the OCOP Program in the district; At the same time, directing communes and towns to deploy this program to units, enterprises, cooperatives, production, and business households in the whole district... Accumulating up to now, the district has 99 products approved by the City People's Committee. recognized OCOP from 3 stars or more, of which 1 product was granted 5 stars. In order to promote product consumption, in addition to supporting subjects to access affiliate chains, in the district, there are 3 stores displaying and introducing OCOP products located in Chuc Son town, Xuan Mai town, and the area. Dong Phuong Yen market. Going to these stores, people can shop and use safe agricultural products and foods, contributing to building and developing the OCOP product brand of Chuong My district in particular and of the whole of Hanoi city in particular shared.

In order to continue to promote OCOP, in 2022 the district sets a goal of having 50 products recognized as OCOP products. To achieve this goal, right from the beginning of the year, the People's Committee has strengthened the Steering Committee, the Council for the evaluation and classification of OCOP products at the district level; At the same time, the District Economic Office is assigned to be the standing agency to assist the district-level OCOP Program Steering Committee; Commune People's Committee organizes the implementation of OCOP. Along with that, the district is interested in promoting information and propaganda work, grasping the importance, meaning, mechanisms, and policies of the State on rural economic development and OCOP to all levels of Party committees and authorities. and socio-political organizations from the district to the grassroots level.

The vegetable growing process is strictly applied according to the Japanese production process.

Simultaneously, the district organizes training for production and business entities whose products are registered or have the potential to participate in OCOP; Management training for members of the Steering Committee and the OCOP product evaluation and classification council at the district level; Leaders of People's Committees and officials in charge of OCOP of communes and towns. It is known that on November 2, 2022, the District People's Committee held a conference to evaluate and classify OCOP products in 2022 for products for 50 products registered for the participation of 14 subjects in the district. After evaluating and classifying OCOP products at the district level, the District Council will summarize, report, and submit it to the Hanoi City OCOP Product Evaluation and Classification Council for evaluation, classification, and star rating for the product.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum