Agricultural Restructuring from Perspective of OCOP Program

The implementation of the One Commune One Product (OCOP) Program is of great significance to socioeconomic development. It has helped increase incomes, jobs, material and spiritual life for people, replace backward production practices, direct people toward the market economy, and create a new direction for the manufacture and trade of locally advantageous traditional products.

Actively support, promote and consume OCOP products

1/14/2020 2:21:48 PM

Many village products and handicrafts have been exported to international markets. Over 5000 agricultural products and foodstuffs have been tagged with QRCOS traceability.

Conference reviews new rural development emulation movement 2019

1/8/2020 2:50:25 PM

January 8, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) held a meeting to evaluate the results of implementing the program of one commune one product (OCOP) in 2019 to implement in 2020.

Strengthening connection OCOP products and regional specialties

12/7/2019 2:48:47 PM

In particular, in 2019, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development organized 4 events connecting OCOP products consumption and regional specialties highly appreciated by businesses, manufacturers and consumers.

Opening Hanoi OCOP Festival 2019

12/7/2019 8:32:27 AM

With the scale of 200 booths and nearly 2,000 product categories from 30 provinces and cities nationwide, the fair has many OCOP products with 3-star grade.

Meeting talks sustainable development of agricultural material areas

12/6/2019 3:59:51 PM

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) held a meeting in Hanoi on December 5 to discuss ways to sustainably develop raw material areas and improve processing capacity and market access for agro-products of Vietnam.

OCOP fair held at Trinh Cong Son Walking Street, Hanoi

11/29/2019 2:51:03 PM

A series of promotional events introducing, connecting and trading OCOP products and regional specialties will be held from December 5 to December 8, 2019, at Trinh Cong Son Walking Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi .

Promoting Locally Advantageous Products

11/19/2019 3:39:25 PM

Mountainous areas where ethnic minorities reside are still the root of poverty in the nation. However, it does not mean that ethnic minorities and mountainous areas are “left behind” when carrying out the OCOP Program. With a lot of efforts, they have made OCOP-certified products ranked 2-4-star, or even 5-star class.

Legal Framework for New Phase of New Countryside Construction Needed

11/19/2019 3:37:19 PM

After nearly 10 years of carrying out the National Target Program on New Countryside Construction, central and local authorities have focused to bring it into life, helping narrow the gap between rural and urban living standards. Infrastructure, prioritized for construction investment, has initially changed the face of the countryside.

OCOP Ha Tinh Adding Wings to Traditional Products to Fly

11/19/2019 3:34:08 PM

Ha Tinh province is famous for many traditional handicraft villages with sophisticated and high-quality products such as captivating “cu do” candy made from molasses and peanuts. Ha Tinh people regard the round flat candy as the soul of their homeland.

Specific Mechanisms Needed for New Countryside Construction in Mountainous Areas

11/13/2019 3:40:48 PM

The National Target Program on New Countryside Construction has helped socioeconomic development of ethnic minority areas and mountainous areas. Typically, improved rural socioeconomic infrastructure has helped raise living and production conditions of rural people, especially those living in ethnic minority areas and mountainous areas.