Digital transformation: Bringing 4.0 technology infrastructure to the countryside

On the morning of September 23 in Hanoi, a seminar "Digital transformation and new smart rural orientations for the period 2021 - 2025" took place, co-organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Thai Nguyen Intensively Improving Value of Agricultural Products

9/17/2020 3:29:12 PM

Thai Nguyen province has been promoting the One Commune, One Product (OCOP) program in the period of 2019 - 2025. The province now has 25 products certified OCOP, including 13 products qualified for 3-star standards and 12 products with 4-star standards.

Gia Lam District: New Rural Development Aligned with Environmental Protection

8/12/2020 1:45:36 PM

In 2020, Gia Lam strives to have two more communes, Bat Trang and Duong Xa, to be recognized as meeting advanced rural standards. Gia Lam district always pursues the ultimate goal of improving the quality of material and spiritual life for people.

222 Extremely Difficult Communes Qualify for New Rural Standards

8/12/2020 1:44:02 PM

Recently, in Hanoi, at a working session between the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the National Assembly's Ethnic Council, 222 extremely difficult communes were announced to meet new rural standards.

Promoting OCOP Products Consumption

8/12/2020 1:40:30 PM

Expanding markets for products of the One Commune One Product (OCOP) program will create motivation for stakeholders to extend investment scale and diversify products.

Rural Urbanization

8/12/2020 1:36:16 PM

Currently, many localities in Vietnam are experiencing rapid urbanization, so the new rural development associated with the process of urbanization is an indispensable trend. This is also a new requirement for the National Target Program on New Rural Development.

Bac Kan Enhances Linkages to Promote Consumption

8/11/2020 2:42:29 PM

In recent years, products under the One Commune One Product (OCOP) Program have increasingly gained consumers' trust. Among the important solutions contributing to the overall success are promoting trade, boosting consumption linkages and expanding markets.

Hanoi Joins Forces to Promote Rural Development

8/4/2020 1:51:15 PM

After nearly 10 years of carrying out the new rural development program, Hanoi has continuously improved its rural infrastructure. This is an important foundation for the city to make more economic breakthroughs.

Opportunities for Strong Development of Agricultural Value Chains

8/4/2020 10:24:43 AM

Linking production with consumption of agricultural products plays a vital role in agricultural development, as it helps increase benefits for value chain actors, especially farmers, thus helping raise the scale of production and improve management and contractual production. This is important in the current context of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Enhancing Cooperative Economic Performance

8/3/2020 10:53:59 AM

Developing new-style cooperatives, especially agricultural cooperatives, plays an extremely important role in agricultural restructuring and new countryside development in Vietnam, not only helping improve incomes for people, but also substantially changing the rural appearance in the international integration period.

OCOP Bac Kan: Towards organic agriculture

7/11/2020 1:52:14 PM

Bac Kan province has been focusing on preserving product gene sources, affirming the province's OCOP brand name.