About us

Net Detergent Joint Stock Company (NETCO) is a Vietnam-based manufacturer of household products. The Company manufactures, markets, and exports detergents, including washing powder, dishwater, floor cleaner, and glass cleaner, as well as a liquid fabric softener. It also cooperates with Unilever Vietnam Limited to manufactures and exports detergents and other cleaning products. Its products are exported to Japan, Australia, Cuba, Taiwan, Philippines, Cambodia, New Zealand, Thailand, India, and Latin American countries. As of December 31, 2012, the Company was a subsidiary of Vietnam National Chemical Group (Vinachem), and it had two branches in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


NETCO has two factories, one at its headquarters in Bien Hoa - Dong Nai. A factory in Hanoi. The design capacity of 150,000 tons of washing powder and 60,000 tons of liquid detergent/year. Both plants are highly regarded by leading technical experts. Number of workers of both factories: 730

Technology And Production
Detergent: Using spray drying technology.

Liquid detergent: Applying the most advanced production method, following a strict anti-microbiological process, using ultraviolet light to treat water and putting it into production.


NETCO's entire production technology of washing powder and liquid detergent is consulted by Unilever's technical experts.

Currently, NETCO is a strategic partner of the famous multinational corporation Unilever in the production of international branded products such as Omo, Surf, Sunlight, Vim, ...EXPORT MARKET

NET also supplies a large amount of Detergent, Dishwashing liquid for export markets such as Japan, Australia, New Zealand, ASEAN countries, America, Africa ... The successful penetration into the Japanese market - a market The market is considered to be fastidious with extremely strict quality requirements, the enterprise has proven its technical and technological level to meet regional and international requirements.

We are willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners to produce and distribute detergent products on the basis of mutual benefits.