Bangladesh to purchase huge amount of rice from Vietnam

Tuesday, August 30, 2022  16:03

                         Rice is one of Vietnam's key agricultural products for export.

VOV.VN - Bangladesh is putting final touches to deals to import hundreds of thousands of tonnes of rice from Vietnam and India in order to address the food price crisis in the country, reported Reuters.

The South Asian country is anticipated to import 100,000 tonnes of parboiled rice from India and 200,000 tonnes of parboiled rice and 30,000 tonnes of white rice from Vietnam, government officials told Reuters.

The deals would be signed soon and the rice would be delivered within two or three months’ time, said government sources.

The government of Bangladesh is trying to cool down domestic food prices as more and more people out of 165 million people cannot afford rice. In addition to expanding cut price rice sales, Bangladeshi officials are also looking for more food supplies, including rice from Myanmar.

Bangladesh is the world’s third largest rice producer with about 35 million tonnes annually, and most of the harvested rice is for domestic consumption. It often imports rice to cope with shortages caused by floods or droughts.