US, China become largest consumers of Vietnamese pangasius

Wednesday, August 24, 2022  15:22

VOV.VN - Vietnamese pangasius exports to the United States and China witnessed robust growth during the opening seven months of the year, according to details given by the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP).

Most notably, the country raked in US$451 million from pangasius exports to the Chinese market, doubling that of last year’s figure and duly accounting for 28% of the nation’s total export value.

Furthermore, pangasius exports to the US are 92% higher compared to the same period from last year, thereby making up 24% of total pangasius exports.

Le Hang, deputy director of VASEP, revealed that the market share of frozen Vietnamese pangasius only accounts for roughly 14% to 15% of China's frozen fish imports, noting that local exporters are required to further improve their product quality moving forward due to the northern neighbour moving to tighten food safety and hygiene regulations.

Moreover, positive export growth was also recorded in other markets such as Mexico, Brazil, and Thailand with growth rates in July increasing by 875%, 40%, and 34%, respectively

In addition, many markets witnessed breakthroughs in importing Vietnamese pangasius in July, including Canada, Hong Kong (China), Australia, Singapore, and the Philippines.