About us

Thuan Minh Import Export Corporation is the one of the top of viet­namese Rice millers and exporters.

Established on 03 April 2008, the company is a priority choice of many foreign importers for Rice products.

The QUALITY and TRACEABILITY are the business foundations that we have being constructedm consolidated and developed to be able to pro­vide customers with releable, delicious and healthy products.

All facets ranging from production to packing, shipping to distribution are under the constant scrutiny of Thuan Minh Import Export Corpora­tion's highly trained technicians to ensure only the finest quality pro-ducts delivered to your insitution.

As a sustainable development strategy, Thuan Minh Import Export Corporation is applying an integrated Production from farming to process­ing and exporting and guarantees the international standards of production conditions.


Our vision is to let the world experience the perfect tenderness and smoothness tastes of Vietnamese rice by working diligently to deliver our rice to every part of the world



PADDY => CLEANING => DRYING =>​​​​​​​ LOADING IN SILO =>​​​​​​​ HUSKING =>​​​​​​​ WHITENING =>​​​​​​​ POLISHING =>​​​​​​​ GRAIN GRADING =>​​​​​​​ COLOR SORTING =>​​​​​​​ FUMIGATION =>​​​​​​​ LAB-QC =>​​​​​​​ PACKING =>​​​​​​​ STORING