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Company shares trade investment and TNG (abbreviated company TNG) was established on 22.11.1979 , while the enterprises with 100% state capital. On the Road 37 years of construction and development, the company TNG has some important milestones as follows:

Date 02/01/2003 : The company was equitized with charter capital of 10 billion, 100% of the shareholders capital; from which the company TNG become non-state enterprises under private ownership.  

Date 22-11-2007: Stocks TNG listed on Stock Exchange Hanoi. 

Recognizing the achievements, in 2009 Chairman of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has awarded the Labor Order second class for individual companies and for Comrade Chairman Nguyen Van Thoi Labor Medal Third Class.

Scale Company : So far TNG has 12 garment factories with 233 production lines and auxiliary plant: Embroidery Factory, Wash industrial, manufacturing barrel bag, carton, factory cotton, quilted cotton. TNG is ranked in the "Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam", "TOP 10 largest enterprises of textile industry of Vietnam." 


(Issued together with Decision No. 600A / QD-TNG dated 25.04.2017)


1.      Working for goals   developed C he company sustainability

2.      Only companies focused work, do more business outside

3.      Keeping the preservation of assets and equipment of the company

4.      Do not pay or receive commissions of suppliers, contractors , customers line

5.      Do not abuse their positions and powers, relations system to make profits buying and selling companies

6.      No broker employed to profiteering

7.      Do not abuse their positions and powers in order to profit in assigning tasks to subordinates

8.      Do not disclosing business secrets of the company

9.      None of the information disclosed by the company to the outside without authorization

10.  Do not consulted on the work of the department kh evil

11.  Do not use social networks to talk about the company and colleagues

With Colleagues

12.    Treat colleagues friendly

13.    Cooperation help , not hinder it difficult work of colleagues

14.    The family has not cross too intimate with people of the opposite sex

15.    Do not interrogate, engage comment on the private lives of colleagues

16.    Do not harass colleagues in all forms 

17.  Do not engage in factional activities, criticizing colleagues

18.    Do not create some separation between the work area of personnel management with staff

19.    Managers and employees do not offer or accept gifts of each other

Partner and Social

20.  Go light, said softly, smiling to see customer friendly hello

21.    Demonstrate cooperative attitude, politeness with contractors and external partners

22.    Just meet partners in the company, not meeting to eat outside

23.    Holding company sanitation green, clean and beautiful

24.    Not organize or participate in gambling

25.    Do not borrow or lend money illegally

26.    No violation of social evils

27.    Do not drink alcohol during working hours

28.  Only smoking is allowed at the designated places

29.  To abide by traffic laws, not the company gathered at the gate causing traffic

With himself and family

30.    Demonstrate positive attitude, cheerful, positive work

31.    Practice lifestyle diligence, thrift, humility, honesty

32.    Not showing salary, bonus

33.    Live sociable, enthusiastic participation in union activities, social

34.    In addition to spending time working hours qu a n a family center

35.    Keep prestige: honest, work hard and be responsible for operating moving around.