About us

Overall introduction

Founded in 1962, Hoa Tho is among well-established and large-scale textile-garment enterprises in Vietnam. 
The company operates in two main fields:

1. Manufacturing, trading, exporting garment and yarn products. 

2. Importing essential materials and equipment for garments and yarn production.

Aside from being a leading Yarn - Garment supply system in Vietnam, Hoa Tho plays a critical role in the operation of Vietnam Textile group (Vinatex) and Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association (Vitas) while greatly contributing to the development of Vietnam’s textile-garment industry over the past years. At present, Hoa Tho plans to expand a number of large-scale projects.

Hoa Tho offers a diversified portfolio covering products such as suits, pants, jackets, work-wears, etc. With ensured quality and trendy design, Hoa Tho’s products are highly appreciated by customers, including those in demanding markets such as the U.S, Europe, Japan and South Korea. Boasting a rich heritage, large-scale production, creative and enthusiastic human resources, and high quality products, Hoa Tho continuously enhances its competitiveness and strengthens its leadership and brand-name in both domestic and international markets. 

Vision and Mission


  • To build Hoa Tho Textile & Garment Joint Stock Corporation towards everlasting development with enriched human value, constant innovation and committed quality in order to best meet customers’ demands;
  • To bring Hoa Tho products into global markets and to make Hoa Tho become the key enterprise of Vietnam Textile Group in the Central Region.

Business philosophy:

  • Employees are the most valuable asset of the Corporation.
  • Create true values for Customers.
  • Contribute to the socio-economical development of the country, improve living environment, and meet expectations of shareholders.

Corporate development directions:

  • Focus on culture and humanity, and strictly abide by law.
  • Build a green and clean environment.
  • Proactively integrate into the global economy.
  • Actively engage in the global and industrial supply chain


Commitment to Customers

  1. Constant improvement of product and service quality to meet customers’ higher demands.
  2. Fully implementation of practices on social responsibility, environment and security.
  3. The prosperity of Customers is the success of Hoa Tho Corporation.

Commitment to Employees

  1. The employees’ income is the measurement of Hoa Tho Textile & Garment Corporation’s development. We are commited to building a professional working environment where every individual is respected.
  2. The corporation’s culture is aimed at Truth-Goodness-Beauty values, honoring productive individuals and highlighting exemplary ones whom other team mem bers can learn from.
  3. We continuously provide professional training courses and enable employees to further improve their knowledge, ability and career.