About us

Looking into the our significant data of revenue and profit as well as continuous invested and widened factory scale, machinery, We are confident in looking forward to the future with Vietnamese typical spirit products that permeatenational identity, but bring modern and innovative glance. Song Hong commits to accompany with consumers in the movement "Vietnamese uses Vietnamese goods" as our gratefulness to the customers who have been favoring and trusting in Song Hong for years.

We expect that your home will be warmer thanks to the Song Hong’s products. Even in the coldest winter days, we know how to "warm up" and suffice each happy gather minute for your family.


Like a young man's body, at the age of 25, SONGHONG Garment JSC is now at his fullest time of human's lifetime. Nobody can foresee such an extraordinary transform from a very small company with few sewing machines, no start-up capital for circulation, inexerienced management men into SONGHONG of today.

With time passing by, all we can realize is that we have gone through so many arduous obstacles that even led us to the bottom of the deadlock and desperation because we were just a small company receiving supports from nowhere while fighting for survival in the hurricanes caused by the economic recession locally and the economic embargo externally.

With a determined persevenrance to search and enjoy every possible light slit in life, SONGHONG has quietly strived forward to meet the opportunity where it might suddently burst forth as special phenomenon. Indeed, the company has surpassed thousand of enterprises in the race to occupy a membership of the Top 5 of the National Textile - Garment Industry of Vietnam, with a claim to posses a mighty assets up to thousands of billions of VND, an workforce of 8,000 employees who may annually yield about 2,500 billion in revenue and hundreds of billions in profit that enables the general incomes of company's staff and workers now to be ranked the highest among the textile-garment enterprises of Vietnam... We are very pround to enjoy the fact that nowadays many globally famouscorporations have considered SONGHONG as a trusted partner among their global value chain and distribution. In the domestic market, needless to say how happy we are to know that our bedding products have been used by millions of families in Vietnam. SONGHONG has helped to warm the heart of their old folks in the cold winter and to brighten young kids' eyes with Doraemon and Hello Kitty products being specially made for them.

As a beginner in the course of cultivating each plant and laying each brick that make up to create the foundation of the company, I have always harbored a strong desire to build up an internally distinguished environment for my own company which go against all the roughness and injustice externally. In our company, human dignity should be respected, and everybody has a chance to continuously advance forward. There will be absolutely no unjustified pain and adversity that may happen to anyone. The company will provide its members with the most descendents will be able to remain working for the company.

I deeply appreciate my friends, my colleagues for what they have been sharing/assisting/ supporting me in the process of overcoming all the hardship to build up the fortunes of SONGHONG. Without these people, there can be no strong SONGHONG as it is today...

Born in difficulty, growing up in storms, SONGHONG (Red River) has now successfully reached to the ocean. Nothing can hinder this vital prospect now because SONGHONG has become a symbol of glory and immortality.



Our mission is to serve our ethnic peoplewithTHE TOP PRODUCTS OFELITE QUALITYmade by Vietnamese hands and minds for a health, faith, love and strong development Vietnam countrynow and forever.

Vision: To become the leading Bed Linen manufacturer in Vietnam for manufacturing and supplying Bed Linen products in Vietnam and overseas.