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Phong Giang Co., Ltd. has paid great attention to the quality of tea products produced by the Company. To ensure a stable and high quality raw material, Phong Giang Co., Ltd. has signed a series of tea farmers in Loc Thanh commune, Bao Lam district to consume products at high prices, but attached It is that farmers must take care of and collect tea according to standard procedures under the supervision of the Company. The company has also closely monitored and distributed customer cards to tea growers in order to have price incentives, investment support or gifts for tea farmers who regularly sell fresh tea buds to ensure quality. for the Company and well done the collection process. Therefore, in the past time, the Company has received the support and approval of many farmers. During the first quarter of 2011, although it was the dry season, the Company still had a stable source of fresh tea buds for production at the factory.


In parallel with ensuring a stable and quality raw material source for the plant to operate, Phong Giang Co., Ltd. continues to invest in "depth" and technological innovation to increase the value of goods and meet market demand, especially export markets to the Middle East and Europe countries. To accomplish this, the company has invested a series of green tea processing lines with the latest technology, especially the company spent nearly 2 billion to invest in a Shizuoka color separator model No.NS -40 of Japan for use in the classification of tea products. The investment in color separators has replaced 40 employees for the Company, while improving the quality of tea compared to the previous craft and being proactive in time. In addition, the company has applied ISO 9001-2008 production process, announced and registered the quality of safe tea products for green tea products produced by the company.


Through the above investment, the company has increased the output of green tea products from 400 tons of products / year to 800 tons of products / year. The good news is that there are many customers who know about green tea products of Phong Giang Co., Ltd., there are many customers in some Middle Eastern countries directly through the Company to order, currently green tea products due to The company produces not enough to sell.

From the management and development experience of Phong Giang Co., Ltd., if the tea processing and manufacturing enterprises in the province find a common voice in linking production with tea farmers and mandarins The focus on intensive investment will certainly improve the quality of tea products of each enterprise in particular and the quality of B'Lao brand tea products in general. Thereby, it will avoid unnecessary competition from each other as well as step by step compete with Indonesian and Chinese tea products in the international market.