About us

“For a more beautiful and healthier life”


“DHG Pharma always provides high quality products and services to satisfy the aspiration for a more beautiful and healthier life.”

3. 7 core values
1. Quality, safety, and effectiveness targeted as our highest commitment.
2.  Knowledge and creativity served as our foundation for development
3. Responsibility, cooperation, and promotion prioritized in our motto action.
4. DHG Pharma identity features taken as our pride
5. Mutual prosterity with partners established as our long-term goal
6. Outstanding differentiation employed as our strenght in competitions
7. Benefits for the community centered upon at the start of all activities.

Quality System
- Factory, warehouse and QC Laboratory complied with WHO-GMP/GSP/GLP.
- DHG Pharma’s Quality Management System is a tool for providing standard for operations management, production and business help employees perform the management and quality control and work consistently. 
- The implementation of quality management system ISO 9001:2008 certified by BVQI, advanced technology lines with engineers, workers who has experiences  brought to market the products with good quality.


Research & Development (R&D):

Investing and establishing Research & Development Department (R& D) and Research Center.
- Researching science and technology in order to serve long-term development strategy of the company, which has always been considered as essential and top task of DHG Pharma. Effectively developing existing human resources, expanding new capabilities, contributing to improve competitive power for the company and ensuring the stable development.
- Being a pioneer in strategy of profound investment for research on new active ingredients, search for special technology, creation of a unique product line, which has a competitive advantage in the market and brings benefits to consumers. Products of Haginat, Klamentin, Hapacol, Eyelight, Unikids, ect. or group of products with active ingredients from nature such as Eugica, Naturenz, Spivital, ect. that have been interested in the market are typical products for the success of DHG Pharma during past time.



- Young, creative, self-motivated staffs with professional qualifications and skills of market leaders
Qualified marketing team, always suggesting great ideas to build judicious business strategies.
Self-motivated, funny, enthusiastic staffs, always showing passion and devotion to marketing activity of the company.
- Working with their whole hearts, caring and bringing added value to customers, partners; and also bringing high values to the company and society.