About us

2H Medical Materials Equipment Joint Stock Company is the official distributor of Konica Minolta medical equipment and supplies - Japan such as:
- Digital x-ray system (CR),
- Digital x-ray system (DR),
- Laser dry film printer.
- Film laser X-ray dry
- Consumable materials: IP, cassette, ...
- Types of spare parts.
- Maintenance services of digital x-ray systems (CR), digital x-ray systems (DR), dry film printers, ...
- Rental of CR, DR ...

With a staff of many years of experience, our company will advise customers to choose medical devices and supplies suitable for their needs and achieve the highest economic efficiency.
Besides, our company has a team of genuine trained engineers, many years of experience in installation, warranty and maintenance of medical equipment.
With the motto "Customer satisfaction is the success of the company", we are committed to improving the capacity to bring our customers the most satisfied products and services with the most competitive prices and ergonomics. service level, the most dedicated warranty and maintenance.
Best regards!