BIONICS BPM-1200/ BPM-1010
BIONICS BPM-1200/ BPM-1010

BIONICS BPM-1200/ BPM-1010


BPM-1200/ BPM-1010

Made in Korea by Bionics


  • Choose from 12.1” or 10.4” screen sizes
  • User friendly menu navigation by touchscreen
  • STANDARD(STD) configuration comes with ECG, Respiration, SpO2, NIBP, TEMP(1CH) + extra TEMP(1CH) and IBP (1 socket/2CH)
  • Improved BASIC PARAMETERS with the NEW ECG (T. I®ASD1298), NEW SpO2(ITEC®, CHIPO2PM) and NEW NIBP(OMRON®) on board
  • Supports 30 days of graphical and tabular trends
  • Supports freely editable 12 episodes of alarms
  • 13 kinds of arrhythmia detection
  • Supports HL7 protocol and EMR system
  • Optional: Central Monitoring System (up to 64 beds)
  • Optional: Available Heavy duty battery PACK (5 hours)
  • Optional: PHILIPS Respironics® EtCO2 support
  • Optional: Invasive Swan-Ganz Catheter compatible Cardio Output (ICO) & Phasein® Multi-gas (EtCO2 and N2O / anesthetic agents) support
  • Optional: SUNTECH® NIBP module available for higher performance NIBP measurement