About us


  • Human resources: DOMESCO Company has nearly 1,300 employees. DOMESCO’s human resources strategy is to support and motivate employees and staff to develop new creativity in a friendly and equal working environment. We have been carrying out various training programs for our staff, constantly improving our professional knowledge career development opportunities for our staff, especially management staff. Highly qualified, professional, dynamic, responsible and enthusiastic human resources are the driving force behind the continued development of DOMESCO.
  • Quality system: DOMESCO has successfully implemented integrated management system ISO 9001, ISO IEC/17025, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and the certified production system of Good Manufacturing Practices by the World Health Organization Gender (GMPWHO) and business system gain GSP – GDP – GPP. DOMESCO is working on and continues to improve its comprehensive quality system: GMP, GLP. GPS, GDP.
  • Production system:
    + Three pharmaceutical – chemical factories meet GMPWHO standards
    + A plant extracting and producing medicine derived from medicine meet GMPWHO standards
    + A functional food factory achieved food safety certificate.
  • Distribution system:
    + Expand across 63 provinces in the country
    + Export nearly 100 products to 11 markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
  • Research and Development:
    + Invest and upgrade modern technical equipment
    + Update and apply advanced dosage technology
    + Study the development of specific product lines suitable to Vietnam’s treatment demands and disease patterns.

VISION: By aspiration of a pioneer and investment strategies – suitable development, Domesco strives to become a leading pharmaceutical company in Vietnam and other countries in the region, contributing to improving the quality of life.

MISSION: Care and improve the quality of community life

  • Develop business associated with longterm employee benefits and social welfare
  • Provide quality and prestigious products with optimal effect on human health
  • Contribute to improving the quality of life, thereby contribute to the protection and improvement of public health


  • Taking responsibility, solidarity, promoting fairness and respecting the commitment to build the corporate culture.
  • Continuous innovation is the foundation of development
  • Safety in all activities is the commitment of the company to the community and society
  • Compliance with laws, standards, quality policies & business wthics.
  • SOLGANL: “For the quality of life”.