About us

Throughout our history we have strived to maintain our core visions and values– to achieve mutually successful partnerships drive our business forward and offer the highest levels of quality and value.

Partners that share our vision of quality, integrity and a desire to succeed will find that Thanh Cong delivers on every level.

Thanh Cong - the partner you need to help your organisation flourish.

- Vision: WHAT WE SEE…The influence upon the society through our different way of day-to-day working while our people and business grow up with the integrity and knowledge

- Mission: WHOM WE WORK FOR…

+ Customers who are benefited by our product and service

+ Investors who trust in our integrity and knowledge for their financial gain.

+ Employees who become more confident in their lives through the meaningful contribution.

+ Suppliers who are satisfied with our fair and transparent deal.

- Value: WHY WE WORK…

+ Profitibility: To Need to maintain the sustainable profit for all the stakeholders as well as the enhance of the company

+ Integrity: To try to be integrated in the course of the business

+ Learning: To consider that our working place is the learning place in terms of finding talents and cultivating knowledge & character


  1. The company applied ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and SA 8000: 2008 Social Accountability Standard, which ensure that product quality meets the customer requirements.

  2. The company’s ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and SA 8000: 2008 Social Accountability Standard are trained, understood and responsibility of each member in their work.

  3. Product quality is continually improving, to ensure that these products are unity and stableness.

  4. All products are manufactured by the company in the working environment in accordance with the requirements of Social Accountability Standard and Labor Law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and international conventions.