Vinacontrol is the largest and most reputable inspection organization in Vietnam in the field of wood chips for export. Our services are highly appreciated, trusted and always selected by both domestic and foreign customers.

Wood chips are one of the key export items of the wood processing industry. Vietnam is currently one of the largest exporters of wood chips in the world, with China, Japan and South Korea being the largest importers, accounting for about 90% of the total annual export value. The Chinese market accounts for the largest proportion.

With many years of experience in the field of wood chips inspection, Vinacontrol has established the appropriate methods of wood chip inspection, meeting the diverse requirements and high demands on the quality of customers. We have a team of professional, trained, skilled, experienced assessors in the field of inspection of chip wood products, who are equipped with a full range of specialized equipment and VILAS approved laboratories.

Purpose of assessment:

  • Freight charge, loading and unloading charge
  • Making payment
  • Gurantee the quanity, specification and quality as committed in the contract, L/C
  • Basis for export clearance

Vinacontrol inspection services for wood chips

Determination of wood chips in Green Metric Ton (GMT) - Determine the quanity of wood chips received at actual moisture in tons.

Determination of wood chips in Bone-Dry Metric Ton (BDMT) - Determines the quantity of wood chips received at 0% moisture (zero) in tons.

Inspection of specifications and quality of wood chips - Determine the weight ratio (%) of each size of chips and impurities and compare them with the provisions of the contract, L/C signed by the buyers and seller.



Supplier Verification

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Collateral Management


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