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Vinacontrol Group, originally the Department of Import-Export Goods Inspection under the Ministry of Commerce (now is MOIT), is the first Vietnamese inspection, testing, certification and quality assessment organisation. Vinacontrol was established in 1957, with over 60 years of development, Vinacontrol has been a trusted partner of Government Management Agencies, Project Management Units, enterprises and inviduals in areas of conformity assessment.

Since its establishment in 24/10/1957 and during over 60 years of development, Vinacontrol has made great contribution in ensuring the safety and improving the quality of goods. By that its also contributed to import-export businesses, to domestic quality control of goods and for the whole society.

Vinacontrol network include Head Quaters which is located in Hanoi and 28 branches & units, 7 laboratories and more than 1000 suveyors, appraise experts, analysts. Our solutions are ready to support your business:

  • Reduce risk, meet obligation in purchase, payment, delivery, mortgage and insurance procedures.
  • Process optimization, ỉmprove quality in each segments of production, transportation, distribution or the whole supply chain
  • Building trust, creditbility, doing your business fluently by guaranteeing the quality, safety of products and goods to consumers and partners.
  • Comply with the strict regulations of the regulatory body, including local, regional, national and international rules and regulations applied to the production and sale of the goods.
  • Ensure quality, safety, health, environment and social responsibility for raw materials, semi-finished products, finished goods throughout the production process and supply chain.


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