Cargo Handling Services
Cargo Handling Services

Cargo Handling Services

Cargo handling Services

With years of experiences in operating in the air cargo handling service sector for, ACSV has been providing services to 24 airlines arriving and departing from Ha Noi along with numerous charter flights and many types of special cargo. We are confident that our services will meet the requirements of all airlines for most types of good including:
1.      General Cargo and Mails.
2.      Electric and vulnerable goods.
3.      Express cargo.
4.      Dangerous goods
5.      Perishable cargo.
6.      Live animal.
7.      Oversized cargo.
8.      Valuable cargo.

ACSV is currently handling lots of types of cargo for many airlines with high standards. For instance, Cargolux and Air Bridge Cargo specialize in high-tech goods, cell phones as well as other large machines and equipments. All Nippon Airways meanwhile requires extremely high service standards and absolute punctuality. On the other hand, K-Mile specialize in DHL's express cargo with short serving time. These world-class customers clearly illustrate ACSV's excellent service quality.