About us


Established in 1994, Tan Thanh Trading Mechanic Corporation is one of the most reputable manufacturers/ providers of Containers & Semi Trailers and Logistics services in Vietnam. The company has built a nationwide distribution network with over 600 professional employees, along with a reputable “Tan Thanh Container” brand in the market, which is well-known and trusted by many domestic and foreign customers.

Our business philosophy is “Always Leading in Quality”. We continuously improve our production systems, sales and services to meet the needs and bring the most satisfaction to customers. All production, sales, service and management systems are strictly adhered to the ISO 9001-2015 international quality management system and the company’s internal quality management system. Willingness to invest and adapt to today’s fast changing demands is Tan Thanh’s way to sustain business and reach international quality standard.


  • From now to 2020, become a supplier of transportation equipment in Asean countries.
  • Become a well-known Vietnamese brand for quality products, professional service style and bring confidence to customers in South East Asia.
  • Be a good friend and responsible to customers, partners, employees, shareholders, the community and the environment.


  • Developing the economy through the provision of quality transportation equipment for the public, agricultural, forestry and aquaculture industries.
  • Manage effectively production, service and trading with international partners, especially in South East Asia.
  • Create satisfaction and maintain long-term relationships with customers through quality products and professional service.
  • Contribute to the development of the logistics supply chain, and the development of the world.