About us

Colusa MILIKET Foodstuffs JSC, formerly known as Colusa Food and Foodstuff Enterprise, was incorporated in 2004 by the Southern Food Corporation and was jointly established by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Rural development decided to equitize in 2006.


Established before 1975, after the liberation of South Vietnam, the Colusa brand of instant noodles - MILIKET continues to be popular with consumers, with packages of kraft noodles and two prawns. From that preference, instant noodles are often referred to as "Shrimp Noodle", "Prawn Noodle" ... Therefore, it is noodle soup with the image of two prawns of Colusa noodles - MILIKET.

With just a few traditional instant noodles, Colusa - MILIKET has been developed to include more than 60 types of processed foods to best meet your needs. The tastes of consumers.

Today, with a staff of professionals and workers with high technical expertise and many years of experience in the food processing industry, Colusa - MILIKET has provided the consumer market. Water and key export of instant noodles, including many different styles and flavors with Asian characteristics such as Chicken, Crab Shrimp, Pork, Beef, Duck, Broccoli, Vegetarian mushroom, Shrimp stinging…

Besides traditional instant noodles, Colusa - MILIKET products are becoming more abundant with other processed food items such as rice noodles, rice noodles, rice noodles, instant noodles, porridge ... Spices such as soy sauce, chili sauce, soup powder, vegetable sauces ... Especially, these products are produced with many different flavors, completely meet the demand for taste tastes. , facilitating better service to current and potential consumers in the future.

Determining product quality is a top priority. Since 2001, the company has developed the standard and implemented the quality management system ISO 9001: 2000 by BVQI. (The current name is BVC) of the UK certified. Implementing strong investment programs for production, now the company has imported modern machines with Japanese technology with a capacity of 500,000 packs of noodles / day.

Along with the laboratory system, modern testing room, the company has produced many new products with high quality, ensure food hygiene and safety, is trusted by domestic and foreign customers.

Growing all over the country, Colusa - MILIKET has distribution network in the North, Central and South with more than 200 Distributors are focused on customer and consumer satisfaction in both. country. In addition, Colusa - MILIKET products have been exported to many countries in the world such as France, Australia, USA, Germany, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Laos, Cambodia, Samoa, etc ...


Colusa brand name - MILIKET has been awarded many gold medals at the fair, exhibition, consecutive years for many consumers are selected high quality Vietnamese goods. For two consecutive years 2006 - 2007, the brand name Colusa - MILIKET is in the list of 100 strong Brands - 100 leading brands, gained the title of famous brand in Vietnam by the official information provider AC Nieisen Vietnam and Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Vietnam certified.