Ample room for Vietnam – Egypt economic cooperation

Wednesday, May 25, 2022  14:02

          Ambassador Nguyen Huy Dung takes part in a live broadcast on Egypt National Radio.

VOV.VN - Vietnamese Ambassador to Egypt Nguyen Huy Dung says Vietnam and Egypt have numerous opportunities to foster their economic and trade ties as both countries are now moving into the post-pandemic period.

Speaking on the Egypt National Radio, Dung noted that Vietnam, after three decades of implementing its Renewal process, is now the 21st largest export economy in the world on its strong commitments to foreign trade opening. Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam recorded a positive economic growth rate of 2.91% in 2020, one of the highest in the world.

Vietnam and Egypt have great potential for expanding economic-trade ties, especially in tourism, said the ambassador, pointing to the fact that Egypt is famous for its ancient civilization while Vietnam also boasts an age-old civilization dating back thousands of years, along with many attractive tourist attractions.

According to the diplomat, Vietnam has fully reopened its borders to foreign tourists since mid-March, and foreign travelers are now no longer required to have PCR testing before arrival. In addition, Vietnam and 20 countries and territories, including Egypt, have so far recognized each other’s vaccine passports, making it easier for their citizens to travel to one another.

Talking about the coming 27th UN Conference on Climate Change (COP27) in Egypt, ambassador Dung said Vietnam will join hands with the international community in pursuing the United Nations’ sustainable development goals, including climate change.

Vietnam has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050, and it is formulating its national power plan toward scaling down thermal power generation and developing renewable energy sources, he said.

On agricultural cooperation, the Ambassador emphasized Egypt is one of the most important trade partners and potential markets of Vietnam in North Africa. From a major food importer, Vietnam has become a world-leading rice exporter, ranking second in Southeast Asia and 15th in the world.

As Africa is in dire need of food at present and in the future, the Ambassador said Vietnam and Egypt have great potential for agricultural cooperation to enhance each other’s food security and at the same time help others in Africa.