Training on digital transformation application in OCOP product development in 2021

Wednesday, October 27, 2021  15:39

Mr. Nguyen Minh Tien - Chief of the Central New Rural Coordination Office at the training program series

The program has the participation of 63 provinces and cities with more than 2000 subjects being businesses, cooperatives... in the localities.

The program takes place from October 27 to November 2, 202 including 9 topics

Theme 1: Creative design guidelines in building identity systems and means of product promotion
Topic 2: Guidelines for designing OCOP products' packaging and labels in the context of digital transformation
Topic 3: Guide to effective use of websites and social networks in promoting and trading OCOP products.
Topic 4: Instructions to put OCOP products on the e-commerce platform VOSO.VN
Topic 5: Instructions to put OCOP products on the e-commerce platform POSTMART
Topic 6: Instructions to put OCOP products on LAZADA e-commerce platform
Topic 7: Guide to livestream sales skills
Topic 8: Instructions to participate in promoting and introducing products on virtual reality fairs/exhibitions
Topic 9: Guide subjects to update data on the OCOP Program Management and Monitoring System (

This is an activity implemented to support knowledge on management and evaluation of OCOP products at the local level, promoting the initiative, creativity, and cooperative spirit of stakeholders and communities to develop products. OCOP products on 3 main parts of the set of evaluation criteria: Product and community strength; Criteria for evaluating marketability; Product quality.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Tien - Chief of the Central NTM Coordination Office said: "After the epidemic situation got better, the consumption habits of customers changed a lot. On the digital transformation platform, we help customers exchange, share and sell OCOP products. The view of the Ministry of Agriculture made every day we strengthen the product inspection towards a unified criterion of the international market and the domestic market. Applying digital inspection technology from the raw material area, applying common standards. Currently, the trend of requirements of state management is more and more strict. Through activities like these, OCOP participants always go hand in hand with and share with the supervising state agency. We have growth in terms of scale but face big challenges: On the basis of digital transformation, we need to be more connected in terms of information, avoid disruptions, 2,823 entities need to be unified. with the support of state management agencies. Connecting and sharing a transparent information platform.
We hope that the subjects will always accompany 5 sessions with 9 topics, leading experts will support. When subjects participate in OCOP, we commit to certify that subjects are eligible to participate in digital transformation in the OCOP program. To support the subjects, we will support the program participants in providing QR codes for products accessible on e-commerce platforms.

Representative of the Ministry of Information and Communications - Ms. Nguyen Vu Hong Thanh said: The Ministry of Information and Communications is coordinating with two major postal enterprises, Vietnam Post Corporation and Viettel Post Corporation, to deploy many activities. active as consulting, implementing and guiding sellers on e-commerce platforms such as:; Postmart; (These are two nationwide express delivery networks, delivering products to each family). After more than 3 months of implementing the 1034 plan, both trading floors have brought more than 3000 OCOP products to the digital environment and consumed more than 21,000 thousand orders/month. Towards the goal in 2021 to bring OCOP subjects to participate in the e-commerce platform The Ministry of Information and Communications is committed to accompanying farmers, cooperatives and businesses in expanding channels. selling on digital platforms, helping OCOP products reach closer to consumers and contribute to increasing income for sellers, stabilizing output for products.

The One Commune One Product Program (OCOP) is an economic development program in rural areas, a key task in the National Target Program on building new rural areas: contributing to the creation of many quality products and goods. high, with characteristics and advantages of each region and region, developing forms of production and business organization towards endogenous development, adding value and benefiting the community.

Training sessions for the OCOP Program in 2021 will be broadcast live on Youtube channels, Fanpage: Central New Rural.