OCOP Hanoi - Van Duc has 17 safe vegetable products rated OCOP

Wednesday, October 20, 2021  10:38

With a huge annual output of over 30,000 tons, the management, production direction, environmental hygiene and food safety are extremely important here. Determining that problem, Van Duc Cooperative worked closely with the Farmers' Union, Women's Union, and officials of the Plant Protection Sub-Department, to set up 30 PGS group leaders to guide people in the field every day about the process of safe vegetables. Toan, VietGap.
Thereby minimizing the use of pesticides to trap baits, increasing the use of organic fertilizers and microorganisms. Products made with trust are easier to sell, the price is 15 to 20% higher, the production environment and living environment are improved. As a result, all over 220 hectares of vegetables in the commune were granted certificates of safe vegetables and VietGAP vegetables.

In order to ensure stable production and consumption, Van Duc actively cooperated with a number of supermarket systems such as Aeon, Metro, companies to put in collective kitchens. Along with that, organizing tours for customers to let them know about the production process of farmers, from the field diary to the activities of PGS groups.
In the process of linking Van Duc actively develop production plans in terms of area and types, ensuring diversification as well as output and quality. Both parties are responsible for supervising from planting, tending to harvesting. Through monitoring, vegetable samples are analyzed to ensure the correct quality.

However, in order to bind the responsibility, on the supermarket side, the company must have a contract to commit to the responsibility of purchasing all the signed products, the price is stable, if not, they must compensate according to the agreement. On the contrary, cooperatives and farmers are also responsible for supermarkets and the company must ensure the seasonal variety, quality, and output. both law. Through the above cooperation and association, farmers are more assured of production, annually supplying the system with 2000 to 3000 tons of vegetables of all kinds.

To promote the brand of safe vegetables, VietGap Van Duc commune actively participates in the program of one commune, one product (OCOP) of Hanoi city. In 2019, the locality had 7 vegetable products of farmer members, cooperative members participating in OCOP including: cabbage, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, bitter gourd, cove beans, collard greens, which were approved by the city. All ratings are 4 stars. In 2020, the cooperative continues to participate in each village with one OCOP product with 10 products, through grading, there are 5 4-star products and 5 3-star products. In addition to conquering the domestic market, Van Duc also started exporting to international markets such as Taiwan and Korea, each year from 500 to 700 tons of products with added value of 20%.

However, the locality still faces some difficulties due to limited market management, so the mixed taste of safe and unsafe vegetables makes it difficult for consumers to distinguish. In addition, the investment in the agricultural sector is low, but there are many risks, so few businesses dare to invest.

To develop agriculture in a sustainable way, should there be strict management of agricultural products in terms of origin; Need to support traceability stamps, bags, bags, vegetable ties for people in both wholesale and retail form; There are policies to encourage enterprises to invest in association and participate in the production and consumption of products; Support for land allocation and lease at prices prescribed by the State so that cooperatives can invest in building headquarters, vegetable preliminary processing zones, cold houses for preservation and high-tech production; Support investment in infrastructure for production such as canals, power lines, in-field roads of all kinds...