OCOP Program Training Series in 2021

Tuesday, September 28, 2021  10:03

The One Commune One Product (OCOP) training series in 2021 has the online participation of nearly 63 provinces and cities nationwide with more than 2,400 participants.

From September 28, 2021, to October 18, 2021, Saemaul Undong Rural Development Center, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City will coordinate with the Office of The Central New Rural Development Authority and the Organization of Francophonie University (AUF) organized the "Training Series of One Commune One Product Program (OCOP) in 2021".

The program has online participation of nearly 63 provinces and cities nationwide with more than 2,400 participants including OCOP program managers in the following localities: province, district; Subjects are businesses, cooperatives, cooperative groups that have been and will be participating in the OCOP program.
OCOP training series with practical topics for managers, Enterprises, cooperatives, cooperative groups of provinces and cities on what to know about the OCOP program, developing OCOP products associated with the OCOP program with the potential and advantages of the locality, develop business plans, build product stories and standardize products participating in the OCOP program.

This is an activity implemented to support knowledge on management and evaluation of OCOP products at the local level, promoting the initiative, creativity, and cooperative spirit of stakeholders and communities to develop products. OCOP products on 3 main parts of the set of evaluation criteria: Product and community strength; Criteria for evaluating marketability; Product quality.

The program will be organized according to each topic, specifically including 11 topics:

Theme 1: One Commune One Product (OCOP) Program: What you need to know when participating in the program.
Topic 2: Guide to product development associated with local potentials and advantages.
Topic 3: Training to develop production and business plans for OCOP products.
Topic 4: Training on building OCOP product stories.
Topic 5: Training on building and protecting brands of agricultural products.
Topic 6: Training on post-harvest handling.
Theme 7: Methods and tools to build a sustainable tourism cooperative model.
Topic 8: Guidelines for the Criteria to participate in OCOP.
Topic 9: Instructions on the process, procedures, documents to prove participation in the program One commune, one product.
Topic 10: Guide to standardizing community-based tourist attractions and community-based tourism services participating in the OCOP program.
Topic 11: Digital conversion application in the OCOP program

The organization of seminars aims to raise awareness about the role and meaning of the OCOP Program, and guide businesses, cooperatives, and production establishments to participate effectively in the OCOP Program.

Besides, the training program will contribute to improving production capacity, adding value, and connecting consumption of OCOP products in association with market demand. The program is also a place to create a forum to exchange experiences in implementing the OCOP program at all levels and localities.