Vietnam imports 14,000 Brazilian bulls

Wednesday, September 1, 2021  17:17

VOV.VN - A shipment containing a total of 14,000 bulls imported from Brazil is currently on its way to the nation and is anticipated to dock at Cai Mep-Thi Vai port in late September.

According to Beef Central, the MV Nada, one of the world's largest live export vessels, has already departed from the Brazilian port of Vila do Conde and is en-route to the country with 14,000 bulls on board.

This marks the first time that the nation has imported live cows from the Brazilian market.

According to the website, the export deal is believed to involve collaboration between an enterprise linked with the Vietnamese Government and an importer of Australian cattle.

Beef Central also noted that Brazil has been striving to gain access to the Vietnamese market for its live cattle exports for several years.

However, bulls imported from the South American nation will face fierce competition from ones imported from Australia.

According to Beef Central, Australian cattle is able to enter the country under a preferential zero tariff rate, while Brazilian cattle incur a 5% import tariff.