Hanoi Online Forum 2021 - Developing the supply chain of OCOP products and Agro-food products

Wednesday, September 1, 2021  15:11


HANOI - On the morning of September 1, the Hanoi Department of Agriculture and Rural Development coordinated with the Central New Rural Coordination Office, the Department of Agricultural Product Processing and Market Development, the Vietnam Retailers Association, and the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade organized "Hanoi Online Forum 2021- Connecting supply and demand of OCOP products and safe agricultural products and food"

Mr. Nguyen Van Chi, Deputy Chief of the Standing Office of the Hanoi New Rural Construction Coordination Office said: "Hanoi Online Forum 2021 - Connecting supply and demand of OCOP products and safe agricultural products and food." organized to support districts and towns to connect and promote trade and consumption of OCOP products, safe agricultural products, and food to the harvest season. At the same time, serving essential food and food needs in the context of social distancing.”

The forum has the participation of consumer connection units, members of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, and product distribution and consumption enterprises; trade centers, supermarkets, e-commerce platforms, points of introduction and trading of OCOP products and agricultural products, safe food...

At the forum, representatives of 10 subjects introduced OCOP products and safe, key, and essential agricultural and food products to the harvest season to be consumed by districts, towns. Thereby, business units consuming the desired products will connect with production units to consume and serve the essential consumption needs of the people of the Capital. This is to overcome the disruption of agricultural production and supply chains in the city, in the context of COVID-19 prevention and control.

“First, it is necessary to determine that the product produced is also for myself and my family to use, any price will be supported by the market. If we still distinguish between take-out products and home-use products, we will not be able to enter the market. Because, the final assessment is in the consumer, retail systems all have technical systems to verify product quality. Secondly, the product must comply with the regulations on food hygiene and safety with the licenses of VietGAP, GlobolGAP... Only after creating a reputation will the product stand firm in the market. Third, businesses must maintain the certification period for safe products before the products can enter the retail system. Fourth, it must operate a synchronous management apparatus from production, product introduction, and distribution so that products can participate in the market in the best way” Ms. Vu Thi Hau, Chairwoman of the Vietnam Retailers Association Nam emphasized.

Also at the forum, Mr. Paul Le, Vice President of Central Retail Vietnam, which owns the Big C supermarket chain, said: “Central Retail will support OCOP products in two directions. First, is to create a number of seminars to introduce and market products in Vietnam and the world market. Second, use the supermarket system with Big C brand to support OCOP products. In Thailand we also have a project about OTOP, which is a successful program. We also believe that OCOP Vietnam is also a successful project.”

Nguyen Quoc Toan, Director of the Department of Agricultural Product Processing and Market Development (MARD), said: “We are at a very special moment, which can also be considered an unusual time in the impact. of COVID-19. Therefore, changes are needed to cope with this unusual context. We have also recently dataized all 32 northern provinces on safe agricultural product chains, production statistics, actual demand, and consumption levels of the people of each locality so that we can prepare for different scenarios. For example, how much is the self-sufficiency problem of Hanoi in a day, a month, or each locality of the northern provinces. In order for us to serve the needs of domestic consumption and even aid the southern provinces. This is an urgent but long-term mission.”

According to the forum's report, the current agricultural production capacity of Hanoi can only meet about 35-60% of the needs of the people in the capital. Therefore, during the implementation of social distancing, Hanoi is also focusing on coordinating with 21 northern provinces and cities to build 786 safe food supply chains to supply Hanoi city, synthesize a list of 800 focal establishments providing agricultural, forestry, and fishery products for the Department of Industry and Trade to supply supermarkets and essential goods trading points in the area to exploit the supply of goods in case of necessity.

To strengthen support for producers, traders, and consumers of OCOP products and safe food and agricultural products to connect product consumption; The City's New Rural Development Program Coordination Office has also coordinated with the ASEAN Digital Transformation Research Institute, the Center for Research and Community Development to organize a pilot model of "Night Market in the Clouds" to helping production entities to digitally transform in business, marketing and promotion activities to find stable output for their products, especially in the context of complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic./.


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