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                                              OCOP Hanoi products 5 stars

The Program One Commune, One Ward, One Product of Hanoi City is abbreviated as OCOP Hanoi. Up to now, after 02 years of evaluating and classifying OCOP products, Hanoi has 1054 products recognized 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars, and 5 stars potential. Detailed information about OCOP Hanoi is updated at: https://nongthonmoihanoi.gov.vn/

Up to now, after 02 years of evaluation from 2019-2020, Hanoi has evaluated, classified, and decided to recognize 1,054 OCOP Hanoi products, of which 4 products are approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. 5-star recognition, there are 13 5-star potential products (accounting for 1.61%); 731 4-star products (accounting for 69.36%); 306 3-star products (accounting for 29.03%). Out of the total 1054 OCOP Hanoi products, there are 691 food products (accounting for 65.56%), 30 drinks (accounting for 2.85%), 7 herbal products (accounting for 0.66%), Fabrics and garments 27 products (accounting for 2.56%), souvenirs, furniture, and decorations 299 products (accounting for 28.37%), of 74 enterprises, 82 cooperatives and 99 business households, creating jobs for over 5,000 workers in rural areas.


                                                                     Potential Ocop Hanoi products 5 stars
The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development shall assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with the relevant agencies of the City in, periodically inspecting products; propose handling of violations of product classification standards and other State regulations according to regulations...


                                                                               OCOP Hanoi products 4 stars
Thus, with the above results, Hanoi is the leading locality in the country in terms of the number of products meeting OCOP standards.

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Source: Hanoi OCOP program