Agriculture-Based Strategy Vital in Industrialization and Modernization

Thursday, July 22, 2021  15:33

The Central Economic Committee recently hosted the first review meeting on the implementation of Resolution 26-NQ/TW of the 7th Central Party Meeting (10th tenure) on agriculture, farmers and rural areas.

In the document of the 13th National Party Congress, the matter on agriculture, farmers and rural areas was emphasized and clearly stated. Important contents include accelerating agricultural restructuring, rural economic development in line with new countryside development; developing commercial agriculture on a large scale so as to modernize and apply high technology, increase added value and sustainable development. The congress also encourages ecological, organic, smart, high-tech and digital agriculture adaptive to climate change. The National Target Program on New Rural Development will continue to be implemented in line with the urbanization process in a substantive, effective and sustainable manner.

Reviewing the enactment of Resolution 26-NQ/TW and developing a replacement, to be submitted to the 5th Meeting of the Party Central Committee (13th tenure) in early 2022, shows the necessity and significance of this aspect to national development in the coming time.

Addressing the conference, Mr. Tran Tuan Anh, Chairman of the Central Economic Committee, and Head of the Steering Committee for review of Resolution, chaired the meeting and emphasized that the matter on agriculture, farmers and rural areas is always of special importance to socioeconomic stability and development, a strategic actor in the process of national industrialization and modernization and in the cause of the Party-led revolution. With such an important role and significance, the Party always advocates developing agriculture and rural areas and constantly improving farmers’ livelihoods.


Appreciating constructive ideas from participants, he suggested all stakeholders foster their creativity in a drastic, urgent, serious approach to complete given progress milestones. What has been done and what has not been done, as well as lessons learned, will be reviewed thoroughly, comprehensively and deeply to figure out new points to open the way and pave the way for utilizing and promoting human resources and natural and social conditions to serve agricultural and rural development in the context of globalization, climate adaptation and urbanization. The goal is to build a new resolution to open up a new era of agricultural, rural and farmer development, said Mr. Anh.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum