US remains potential consumer of Vietnamese fruit

Thursday, July 22, 2021  11:37

Dragon fruit is one of six fresh fruit that is allowed to export to the US market

VOV.VN - Vietnamese export of fruit and vegetables to the United States increased by 16.6% on-year to US$57.4 million during the four months of the year, according to details provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The country has been officially licensed to export six types of fresh fruit to the US market, including mangoes, longan, litchi, dragon fruit, rambutan, and star apple.

Other fruits can also be exported in either frozen or processed forms, while relevant agencies are also in the process of actively negotiating with the US side in order to receive additional licenses for fresh local fruit, with green-skinned pomelo set to be the first in the near future.

According to the Vietnamese trade office in the US, there remains plenty of room for growth in terms of fruit and vegetable exports to the demanding market, largely due to the diversification of the distribution system, along with a large overseas Vietnamese community made up of three million people.

Furthermore, the US market is home to up to 332 million customers with a high per capita income, with fruit and vegetable items being a rising trend.

Last year, despite the adverse range of impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the US imported fruit worth US$14.1 billion, with the import value projected to reach US$15.1 billion this year.

Along with numerous advantages, the country’s fresh fruit exports to the fastidious market continue to face numerous hurdles due to facing fierce competition from products that are grown in US states such as Florida and California, along with items from Mexico, in addition to South American and Asian countries.

Moreover, due to geographical distance, transportation and storage costs remain high, thereby causing difficulties for fruit exports to the demanding market.