Digital transformation: Breakthrough solution in new rural construction

Friday, July 16, 2021  09:11

On the afternoon of July 15, the Central New Rural Coordination Office (MARD) held an online seminar "Consultations on the project "Digital transformation in new rural construction (NTM), towards smart rural areas" period 2021-2025” with 3 criteria of ecological agriculture, modern countryside, smart farmers.

Proposing 3,000 billion VND for the digital transformation of new rural areas

According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, Vietnam's potential for digital transformation is huge. Technological infrastructure is developing both in width and depth, contributing to promoting socio-economic development and serving security and defense. Currently, Vietnam has about 70% of the population using mobile phones, of which 64% of subscribers have 3G and 4G connections, of which 4G networks have covered about 95% of communes across the country. However, the technical infrastructure across the country is not synchronized, making it difficult to connect between ministries, departments and provinces, and cities. The popularity of information technology (IT) and communication services is mainly concentrated in urban areas, even reaching saturation in many places. While, these services are in rural areas, which account for more than 70% of the population, are low and poor.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Tien - Director, Chief of Office for Rural Development Coordination Center said that, after 10 years of implementation, the National Target Program (National Target Program) to build rural areas has achieved outstanding results and achievements. However, there are still many difficulties and challenges, especially in narrowing the gap in income and service enjoyment between rural and urban people, difficulties in connecting agricultural product consumption, and ensuring safety. food, has not brought into full play the potential and space of agriculture and rural areas.


                                            Mr. Nguyen Minh Tien CVP building NTM TW

According to Mr. Tien, in the context that digital transformation is an inevitable trend worldwide, the application of digital technology, large database systems, artificial intelligence ... are breakthrough solutions to can solve difficulties and bottlenecks in the process of building new countryside in Vietnam. The digital transformation and application of information technology (IT) in rural areas have also been started in some localities, but mostly spontaneously. Many localities have also piloted the application of information technology in the management, supervision, and administration of new rural areas, most recently the Program One Commune One Product... But in general, digital transformation and IT application in agriculture and construction of new rural areas is still very limited, fragmented, and heavily spontaneity of agencies, units or localities and enterprises. The rate of online public services at level 4 in rural areas is still very low (less than 10%); have not yet built a management system for important databases such as population and land; lack of financial resources for digital transformation implementation in rural areas…
The project aims to promote the process of digitization and application of IT in life and production, targeting the beneficiaries who are the residential community and organizations and businesses in rural areas. Accordingly, the project focuses on raising awareness and capacity for digital transformation for officials and people; perfecting institutions and policies in order to establish a national digital database system on rural construction...; At the same time, focus on developing digital infrastructure and digital data in telecommunications, IT, data standardization, and data synchronization connection,... From there, towards building a smart rural community...

Pham Van Thinh - Deputy Head of the Digital Transformation Department, (Department of Informatization, Ministry of Information and Communications) said that in recent years, relevant agencies have organized more than 50 national-scale conferences and seminars. domestic and international, ministerial, branch and local levels on digital transformation, combining open online communication on the Internet platform to the whole community; Organizing awards for digital transformation and innovation to promote research and solution development: VietSolutions, Digital Award, Vietnam Digital Transformation Day, etc.

Many effective models

Ha Tinh is a locality that actively implements IT applications in directing, operating activities, state management, providing public services and supporting product development, etc. outstanding results.
Mr. Nguyen Huu Duc - Deputy Chief of Office of the New Rural Coordination Office in Ha Tinh province said: Ha Tinh has applied information technology to operate the management system of the Ha Tinh OCOP Program; OCOP product grading and rating system; management of OCOP products and OCOP Ha Tinh product trade information channel integrated on website Ha Tinh identified digital economic development: Focusing on supporting digital transformation to develop the agricultural economy and the OCOP Program; striving for at least 10 percent of the digital economy in the agriculture sector by 2025. %, in the OCOP program, reached 30%; contributing to Ha Tinh being in the group of 15 leading provinces and cities of the country in IT; a group of 25 leading provinces and cities in terms of competitiveness index (PCI)" -
The Central Government continues to pay attention to consulting and appointing experts to support Ha Tinh in the process of digital transformation. Currently, Ha Tinh is piloting the construction of a rural province under the Prime Minister's decision, asking the Central Government to choose Ha Tinh for pilot implementation in implementing digital transformation and support funding for building models. number conversion. Mr. Duc suggested.

Recently, Thua Thien Hue has piloted a smart commune model for Quang Tho and Vinh Hung, two localities with different advantages and readiness to apply IT - communication. Director of Ha Tinh Information Technology Center Hoang Bao Hung affirmed: The construction of XTM is aimed at narrowing the digital gap between rural and urban areas, promoting IT application and digital transformation in urban areas. commune authorities to better serve and interact with the people. At the same time, improving digital skills, expanding access to digital technology, helping people easily introduce and promote products and typical cultural features of the commune in the digital environment. Thereby in order to evaluate, apply and replicate throughout the district and province.

According to Mr. Hoang Bao Hung, in order to perfect e-government, towards the digital government, in the immediate future, it is necessary to upgrade the IT infrastructure system, supplement specialized IT resources and promote the use of document management systems. and run at the commune level. The system of public administrative services and electronic one-stop-shop, online conference system, and digital reporting from commune to the district to province also need to be implemented soon...

Minh Ngoc