Improving product sales and marketing skills through OCOP Hanoi Specialty Livestream Day

Sunday, June 6, 2021  14:22

On the morning of June 6, the Hanoi New Rural Program Coordination Office in collaboration with the ASEAN Digital Transformation Research Institute organized the OCOP Hanoi Specialty Livestream Festival.

This is the first online event held with a positive meaning in the context of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, causing difficulties for both production farmers, business entities and consumers. Production chains and markets for agricultural products in many places show signs of stagnation and are in danger of being broken. In that context, instead of rescuing agricultural products in a passive and vulnerable way to farmers, business entities and the agricultural sector can share, connect and spread the values ​​of Vietnamese agricultural products. through online distribution channels. Customers can hear product stories with genuine emotions; can meet and buy products directly of the subjects through Livestream at the fan page OCOP live and VTC Now.

Mr. Nguyen Van Chi, Deputy Chief of the Standing Office of the Hanoi New Rural Coordination Office said: At the event, we set out to target producers, cooperatives, and individual households. agricultural products have broken supply chains due to the Covid-19 epidemic; at the same time, implementing the direction of the Ministry of Agriculture not to use the word rescue, but to support the marketing of agricultural products, but to strengthen the connection between units in the agricultural industry connecting OCOP product consumers as well as other organizations. local safe products. On the day of the OCOP Hanoi Specialty Livestream, the organizers selected 10 subjects who are Hanoi's specialties, along with a number of coordinating units, and the enthusiastic participation of inspirational ambassadors such as MC Thao VTV's van aims to promote the value supply chain between suppliers, consumers, domestic and export units. This helps the subjects get acquainted with the digital technology era.

Hanoi has 1,350 products with 3-star OCOP product certification or more, over 10,000 products with QR codes, and 164 high-tech farms. This is the potential for rural economic development in Hanoi. The first OCOP Hanoi Specialty Livestream Festival in the country, on the basis of the results of today's livestream, will summarize and evaluate reports with Hanoi City and central agencies to see how the subjects OCOP and safe product production really sustainable production.


At the Livestream, through interesting stories, many attractive products were introduced to the public; is the motivation for OCOP Hanoi subjects in particular and OCOP Vietnam, in general, to improve their marketing skills and sell products online by livestreaming to customers in the digital era. “In the context of the current complicated epidemic, the supply and demand chain is broken, so Hanoi City supports the city's OCOP subjects to organize a live-streaming market like this. effective substances for consumers, limit the epidemic, still have access to quality products, and producers can still communicate, promote and consume products", Artisan Hai Yen, Director of Tu Tam Clean Food Processing Joint Stock Company said.

As noted by the reporter, many booths after more than 1 hour of livestream received a lot of interaction with customers, many customers have ordered online and come to buy directly.
In particular, at the event "OCOP Hanoi Specialty Livestream Festival", in addition to strictly complying with the 5K Message, the directions and instructions of the branches and levels on the implementation of safe epidemic prevention measures, Effectively, the Organizing Committee also calls on all registered participants to spend at least 10% of sales revenue during the event period to support the Fund to buy Vaccines against Covid-19.

Minh Ngoc