Canada imposes anti-dumping duties of over 101% on upholstered seats from Vietnam

Friday, May 7, 2021  13:48

VOV.VN - Upholstered seats originating from the nation are set to be subject to an anti-dumping tax rate of 101.5% when being exported to the Canadian market, according to information released by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

The move comes following the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) conducting a preliminary investigation into acts of dumping.

According to details posted by the CBSA, numerous products will be subject to anti-dumping and subsidy duties when exported to the Canadian market, including those with HS code 9401.40.00.00, 9401.61.10.10, 9401.61.10.90, 9401.71.10.10, and 9401.71.10.90.

Most notably, upholstered furniture originating from both China and Vietnam will be subject to a tax rate of 295.5% and 101.5%, respectively, when entering the Canadian market.

According to the information given by the CITT, the dumping and subsidizing of certain upholstered domestic seating which either originates or is exported from both China and Vietnam has served to cause damage to Canada's domestic furniture industry.

The CITT, therefore, plans to continue conducting an investigation into the matter, with the final results being released before September 2.

In total 28 Chinese manufacturers are anticipated to face anti-dumping tax rates ranging from 20.65% to 226.45%, while seven Vietnamese manufacturers will be subject to duties of between 17.44% and 89.77%.

This follows the CBSA initiating an investigation in December 2020, based on Palliser Furniture's complaint, with support from other manufacturers such as Canadian Elran Furniture Ltd ., Jaymar Furniture Corp., EQ3 Ltd., and Fornirama Inc.

CBSA has also revealed that the market size of some upholstered seats in Canada stands at an estimated US$675 million per year.