Specialized product evaluation board meeting No. 02

Friday, February 26, 2021  15:45

On the morning of February 26, the Specialized Evaluation Council No. 02 (in charge of 10 products monitored by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Science and Technology) scores, evaluates and classifies 10 registered products of 5 subjects from 2 provinces and cities are Hanoi and Quang Ninh.

Attending and chairing the conference was Mr. Cao Quoc Hung, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Chairman of the Specialized Evaluation Council No. 2; Mr. Tran Van Mon - Deputy Chief of Central NTM Coordinating Office and representatives of leaders of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Science and Technology and related units.

After nearly 3 years of implementation, the OCOP Program has become a central policy, deployed synchronously and widely in all localities across the country, mobilizing the participation of all levels and sectors. , political system, OCOP development becomes the preferred solution in rural economic development, associated with building a new countryside.


According to Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Mr. Cao Quoc Hung: The assessment of OCOP products in the handicraft industry closely follows the requirements of the OCOP product rating and classification set in Decision No. 1048 / QD- TTg and Decision No. 781 / QD-TTg of the Prime Minister). Through the conference, the council members need to discuss the unknown issues, need to learn more with the subjects and representatives of the localities to have an accurate assessment, follow the reality of each product and each locality. The Council works on the principles of concentration, democracy, fairness, and objectivity. Products rated 90 or more by the Specialized Council will be recommended to National OCOP Council for National OCOP product evaluation and accreditation.

At the conference, Mr. Tran Van Mon - Deputy Chief of Central NTM Coordination Office said: Based on the OCOP product evaluation and classification process in Decision No. 1048 / QD-TTg dated August 20, 2019 of Thu Prime Minister; and Operation Regulation of the National OCOP Council. Implementing the National OCOP Product Evaluation and Grading Plan 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has received the proposals for the national OCOP product evaluation and classification of 12 provinces and cities directly under the Central Government, with 43 products from 29 subjects.

Up to now, the appraisal and evaluation of all 3 Advisory Groups have been basically completed and reported the results to the Chairman of OCOP National Council. Based on the appraisal and evaluation results of Advisory Group 2, the Chairman of the National OCOP Council established the 2 Specialized Evaluation Council for 10 products.


Outstanding products which were unanimously recommended by the Council to rate the 5-star OCOP product and focus on developing into key export products are Quang Vinh ceramic products (Bat Trang, Hanoi) and Wine. Yen Tu dream of Vietnam Traditional Beverage Company Limited (Uong Bi City, Quang Ninh Province). Currently, over 80% of Quang Vinh ceramic products have been exported to many countries around the world, including the most demanding markets such as Germany, the US, Japan, Denmark...

By the end of 2020, the country had 59 provinces/cities organizing OCOP product evaluation and classification, had 4,451 rated products, 3-star and 4-star ratings (exceeding 1.85 times compared to Program objectives for the period of 2018-2020). More than 2,429 subjects have OCOP products, of which 38.3% are cooperatives, 27.5% are enterprises, 31.4% are manufacturing establishments, and the rest are cooperative groups.

 The program has shown the appropriateness of orientation and policy in order to bring into play the strengths and advantages of natural and cultural conditions of localities.

Lien Bui