Universal Scientific Industrial kicks off construction on electronic board manufacturing and assembly plant in Haiphong

Wednesday, November 18, 2020  14:48

On 14th November 2020, a commencement ceremony marked the official start of construction for Universal Scientific Industrial (USI)’s new production base located in DEEP C Industrial Zones in the northern port city of Haiphong, Vietnam.



Construction work is expected to be completed in Q2 2021, followed by initial commissioning and testing period. An official production launch is targeted for Q3 2021.

USI first announced its intention to invest in a new facility in Haiphong in December 2019. After having completed administrative procedure, earlier this June, USI obtained the Investment Registration Certificate issued by Haiphong Economic Zone Authority with initial investment of 200 million USD.

The future investment scale and plan will be determined according to the needs of customers and company development. For the moment, USI expects to increase the investment capital to 400 million USD in the next phase.

“This sizable investment in a Southeast Asia facility is intended to move us closer to our overseas customers and accommodate their ever-increasing demand. North Vietnam, with its strategic geographical position and an extended infrastructure in place, offers USI an optimal way to facilitate fast and flexible response to customers' orders,” said Mr. Kuei Chun Chi, Manufacturing Service Director of USI

In addition, the preferential economic zone tax incentives and competitive labor cost give it significant advantages in international competition.

“The plant we are building in Vietnam constitutes a key element in our approach to increase manufacturing capacities on a global scale,” said Mr. Kuei Chun Chi, adding that USI began to accelerate our global expansion since 2018 by acquiring a Polish-based subsidiary, strategically investing in Memtech and a new plant in Huizhou, and planning to acquire French-based Asteelflash.”

USI is expected to become a key manufacturer in the growing electronics manufacturing sector of Haiphong by giving rise to the formation of a new production hub and contributing to the development of the electronic supply chain.


“Having a global electronics manufacturer like USI in Haiphong is a ringing endorsement of the quality of the workforce and the opportunities that exist in our area. This will build up the confidence of other big players who are seeking for a reliable destination for their next expansion”, said Bruno Jaspaert, General Director of DEEP C Industrial Zones, adding that they are proud to be selected as the site for USI’s new production facility after an intensive search and investigation.

Le Hien