Vinacontrol Ho Chi Minh City: Brand name built from the strength of human resources

Tuesday, April 7, 2020  11:28

Vinacontrol Ho Chi Minh City Co., Ltd is a member of Vinacontrol Group, the first Vietnamese inspection, testing, certification and quality assessment entity in Vietnam. Over nearly 45 years of construction and development, Vinacontrol Ho Chi Minh City is one of the most prestigious brands in commodity inspection, testing and certification, thus minimising trade risks and facilitating import-export and international economic integration in Ho Chi Minh City.

The pride and the symbol of quality inspection services of Vinacontrol Ho Chi Minh City lie in more than 430 professional and experienced employees. Most of them are well-trained in the country and abroad with expertise in diverse subjects, foreign languages and scientific and technical knowledge in their field. Many have taken key positions in important projects such as project manager, project leader, partner expert, consultant and inspector.

Knowing that people are decisive, in addition to modernising infrastructural facilities and technical equipment, Vinacontrol Ho Chi Minh City has always paid special attention to training and improving professional expertise and experience for the staff, assessors, analysts and testers over the years. Specifically, every year, the company organises training courses, professional examinations and theme-based seminars in relation to inspection, analysis, testing and other relevant fields, ensuring that all employees are updated with latest knowledge relevant to their assigned jobs. Especially, the company’s assessors have continuously had in-house training as well as external training to supplement and update knowledge in order to meet and ensure the best quality of assessment services.


Proportional to the 45-year journey of development, experience and capacity of Vinacontrol Ho Chi Minh City has significantly improved and the workload has increased accordingly. General Director Bach Khang Nhut noted the increased workload shows that customers are more confident in Vinacontrol Ho Chi Minh City, and this is a great stimulation for all employees. But, the company also confronts challenges to fulfil customers' requirements in the light of the philosophy 'Accurate - Honest - Timely'. “Hard but achievable – Vinacontrol Ho Chi Minh City can do this by focusing on training and improving employees’ professional skills from field to office. We regularly organise in-house and external training courses to help employees update working knowledge, thereby improving and completing their performance to best meet customer requirements. In addition, the leadership of Vinacontrol Ho Chi Minh City has focused on strengthening, controlling and managing daily work quality and ensuring the highest inspection quality, thus keeping the company’s trust and prestige to authorities and to the business community,” he said.

During nearly 45 years of operation, from a branch to a company as now, Vinacontrol Ho Chi Minh City has contributed significantly to Vinacontrol Group’s achievements like First-class, Second-class and Third-class Labour Orders; Emulation Flags from the Government; Vietnam Gold Brand; Vietnam National Value 2012; and many emblems and emulation flags from all tiers of authorities. Many employees of Vinacontrol Ho Chi Minh City have been bestowed with the Third-class Labour Order and many certificates of merit from the ministerial and governmental agencies. Vinacontrol Group’s vision is to become a prestigious inspection entity in the world and to become a strong business group. In order to serve the common goal of Vinacontrol Group, Vinacontrol Ho Chi Minh City will focus on improving human resources and financial resources in its Vinacontrol Analysis and Testing Centre No. 2 situated in Tan Tuan Industrial Park (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City). The centre is responsible for providing the maximum honest, objective, accurate and timely assessment of goods, aiming at creating momentum for all other goods markets of Vinacontrol Ho Chi Minh City.

Operating in Ho Chi Minh City, the economic locomotive of the country, is a great advantage, but also a considerable challenge for Vinacontrol Ho Chi Minh City, as it has to face intense competition. In that context, Vinacontrol Ho Chi Minh City will do its utmost to maintain its market share with major products such as inspecting, testing and certifying agricultural products including rice and cashew nuts, and serving State inspection. General Director Bach Khang Nhut shared, “The focus is firm, then Vinacontrol Ho Chi Minh City can develop into a strong business and a leading prestigious brand to contribute more efforts to achieve the overall goal of Vinacontrol Group.”

Thanh Tung