Vinamilk and its desire to put their name on the global dairy industry map

Monday, December 23, 2019  14:59

Officially established on August 20, 1976, after 43 years of construction and development, Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (Vinamilk) has strongly rose to lead the Vietnamese dairy market with an overwhelming market share in liquid milk segment. The success of Vinamilk is a typical example for the spirit of overcoming difficulties and dynamically reaching out to the world of Vietnamese people and Vietnamese intelligence. This is also one of the typical examples of Vietnamese businesses building Vietnamese brands with high quality products that can compete on the domestic and international market.

When newly established in 1976, Vinamilk faced numerous difficulties and challenges; especially the shortage of manpower, machinery system - technology, raw materials .... However with indomitable spirit, not faltering before difficulties, the Board of Directors and the collective of employees The company has constantly promoted the spirit of self-reliance, innovation in the way of thinking, gradually bringing Vinamilk to overcome a series of harsh challenges for a young business to rise to reap achievements. It has become a leading nutrition company in Vietnam and one of the 50 largest dairy companies in the world.


From the initial 3 factories, Vinamilk has grown to a total of 16 factories in Vietnam, the United States and Cambodia with the total number of cows on the Company's farm system and cooperated with dairy farmers. 130,000. In addition, Vinamilk is also a Vietnamese enterprise that has abundant fresh milk resources with the largest Global G.A.P farm system in Asia in terms of number of farms; including 2 farms built according to European Organic standards in Vietnam and 1 Organic farm complex being built in Laos with an area of 20,000 ha, cow herd of up to 100,000 heads.

Along with standard raw materials, Vinamilk's production processes are closed and fully automated based on advanced machinery, equipment, technology from G7 countries such as GEA, Tetra Pak. , SIG Combibloc, Schafer...; Vinamilk's quality certificates meet international standards and can meet the requirements of most countries in the world (ISO 9001, FSSC 22000, GMP, US FDA, Halal, BRC, EU Organic ...) ; Thereby giving consumers the opportunity to use high quality, nutritious and high quality dairy products.


As the No.1 dairy brand in Vietnam with a wide range of products and product lines, Vinamilk fully satisfies the nutritional needs of all ages and different segments. Enduring the goal "For the public health", the Company's products, when supplied to consumers, are guaranteed to be of high quality and innovative so that they can effectively meet the market demand. guide consumers to choose and use good products, rich in nutritional value. That is also the reason why dozens of domestic and foreign milk brands are flooded in the market, Vinamilk's products are always the first choice of consumers. According to statistics, Vinamilk currently holds about 55% market share of liquid milk, more than 80% market share of yogurt, more than 80% market share of condensed milk and more than 30% market share in the powdered milk industry. In addition, other products of Vinamilk such as ice cream, nut milk, beverage, fruit juice ... also recorded a lot of positive reactions from the market and consumers, becoming a familiar brand of every family. Vietnam. In 2006, Vinamilk's shares were officially listed on the stock exchange (stock code: VNM) and always in the "star" group of stocks with the market capitalization of more than 10 billion USD. 2018 is the third consecutive year Vinamilk holds the first position in the stock market in terms of profit.

In addition to focusing on expanding the production system and the domestic market, Vinamilk also gives priority to investing in developing international business activities, expanding the scope of production investment and overseas branches. . Up to now, Vinamilk has exported to more than 50 countries and territories including markets requiring high quality products such as the US, Canada, Japan, Korea, Australia ... Export revenue in 2018 reached nearly 200 million USD and continuously growing in recent years.


With the goal of maintaining the No. 1 position in Vietnam market and aiming to join the Top 30 largest dairy companies in the world in terms of revenue, in the coming time, Vinamilk advocates to promote international business activities. Accordingly, besides maintaining traditional export markets, the Company will also focus on opening new markets rich in development potential. In these markets, Vinamilk continuously strengthens, strengthens its presence and focuses more by investing in market research activities to suit the local culture; launching strong products; expanding the distribution system and diversified brand communication .... "Developing, expanding and conquering foreign markets is always put in our long-term strategy. This is also the way for Vinamilk to become 1. of the 30 largest dairy companies in the world in terms of revenue, bringing Vietnam National Dairy Brand Vinamilk to the world dairy industry map ", Ms. Mai Kieu Lien - Vinamilk General Director emphasized.

Thanh Tung