Vietnam Green Agriculture

Thursday, January 10, 2019  15:34


Product features

VINAXANH is a high-quality bio-organic fertiliser made by Vietnam, a proprietary research product created by Vietnamese scientists. VINAXANH is an organic fertilizer produced by peptides technology with natural organic ingredients that have high biological activity such as marine fish, seaweed and yeast. By using peptide technology, VINAXANH bio-organic fertiliser provides plants with special nutrients and essential biological substances such as amino acids and peptides; fulvic acid; organic N-P-K and a variety of organic chelates to meet nutritional needs of plants. So, this is a good fertiliser for organic and clean agricultural programmes for export to enter demanding markets.

5 unique features of VINAXANH fertiliser

1.    Help crops achieve high productivity and stability
2.    Improve product quality, delicious taste, nice design, safety.
3.    Improve crop resistance to pests
4.    Improve crop resistance to severe weather and climate conditions (hot, drought, waterlogging ...)
5.    Restore soil damaged by chemicals, protect ecological environment, soil, water, air

Pepper: Prevent rapid death, slow death and virus among pepper plants, improve health and fruitfulness of pepper, long fruit bunches, hard grains, high productivity and safety. Coffee: Prevent early fruit death, dry branches, improve fruitfulness of beans and kernel size and quality. To harvest 4.8 tonnes per ha, farmers must spend VND41.65 million on other fertilisers and pesticides, but just VND21.84 million with VINAXANH. Citrus (orange, lemon, mandarin and grapefruit): VINAXANH bio-organic fertiliser helps strengthen resistance to fusarium fungi which causes leaves and roots to decay or turn yellow and helps resist Citrus Vein Phloem Degeneration (CVPD) caused by Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus bacteria on orange and grapefruit (incurable disease in the world to date.) Dragon fruit: VINAXANH is considered a new solution to develop dragon fruit standard, a solution to shield the garden, resist brown spot diseases on fruit, which are largely incurable. On other crops, VINAXANH always brings best results for users.

All these results have made the name of VINAXANH. In the past few years, VINAXANH bio-organic fertiliser has won various awards such as Vietnam Gold Agriculture Brand 2015, Excellent Brand for Consumers 2016, Top Vietnam Brand, Product and Service Award 2016, Gold Medal for High-quality Product Brand 2016, Gold Cup for Renowned Agricultural Products 2016, Top 100 Southeast Asia Brand, Top 10 Pacific Asia Integration Golden Brand 2017, Top 10 Trusted Products 2017, and Asia Pacific Leading Awards 2018.