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Looking for promotional support for your company or service in Vietnam? Contact us!

We are, EloQ Communications, a leading Public Relations (PR) and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) agency based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and handling projects in Vietnam and throughout the ASEAN region.

We offer a range of marketing services, including PR, social marketing, digital marketing, influencer marketing, crisis communication, integrated strategic planning, and event planning.

We focus on the kind of outside-the-box thinking that it takes to get noticed in today’s crowded marketing landscape, and we see ourselves as an all-around solutions provider that recognizes the interconnected nature of modern PR and marketing communication. As such, we are happy to combine our services into a custom communication strategy that best suits the goals of our clients.

Contact Information

Sender Name:  EloQ Communications
Contact person:  Clara
Address:  18A Nam Quoc Cang, District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Business phone:  
Email:  hello@eloqasia.com
Website:  https://www.eloqasia.com/
Country:  VN

Information leads in "Other" category.

  • Drinks (beer, soft drinks): I produce a premium gold medal winning liqueur with La Martiniquaise (the second largest French spirits company). I am currently seeking partners, importers, and buyers for the Asian and European markets.

    From: Azenja Ltd 5/12/2019 11:36:14 AM

  • Other: I am Canadian Looking for a local partner for opening a joint venture business in Hospitality/ hotel/ guesthouse

    From: Rody & Steve Cleaning Services 5/11/2019 11:30:05 PM

  • Other: I am India based investment-market expansion consultant working for South East Asia/India market.If any consultant or consulting firm willing to engage me for SE Asia/India market as their consultant may work for their projects/assignments with monthly remuneration or project basis payment. My whatsapp no: +91 9793546246

    From: cooperation asia 5/8/2019 12:08:46 PM

  • Garments & Textile products: Mainly Sports (gym ware) for women and men gym tops

    From: Fanto ware 5/7/2019 5:29:00 AM

  • Foodstuff: My company business is specialistin in food and agricultural products field, because of the demand of Vietnam market, I want to act as a distributor of products from your company. Looking forward to cooperation and development policy to expand your products to Vietnam.

    Best regards

    From: Công ty TNHH Bliss Việt Nam 5/4/2019 12:07:53 PM

  • Agricultural Products and processed products: https://ariatec.vn/nudo-x.html

    Our very own invention. (Made in Vietnam)
    Automatic Nutrient Dispenser (with sensors and mobile apps)
    Suitable for Hydroponics/Farm , Swimming Pool PH controller, and Seafood farming.

    From: ARIATec Company Limited 4/24/2019 2:18:01 PM

  • Other: Dear Sir/Madam,

    I'm Thao (Amy) from The New Target Company, specializing in headhunting & outsourcing & human resources services.

    Hereby, We would like to take this chance in order to support you for the post recruitment/ HR Services in Viet nam

    We have experiences in operating business in many areas such as FMCG, Manufacturing, Trading, Logistic & Forwarding, Hospitality ….

    Looking forward to assist you as soon as possible.

    Plz kindly feel free to contact me if you have any requirements.

    Thanks ®ards,
    Thao (Amy)

    From: The New Target Company 4/22/2019 1:56:07 PM

  • Engineering, machinery, hardware products: we wish to purchase only USED electric motor , overhead crane , chain hoist & various pumps

    From: M/s Sitco 4/11/2019 2:01:19 PM

  • Plastic products: We are offer LDPE recycled granules:
    - 650 $ CFR HCMC(black) MFR 0,4 -0,8;
    - 760 $ CFR HCMC (honey foam) MFR 3,2.
    Samples, certificate.
    Capacity - 100 MT per month

    From: RemiLing 4/10/2019 9:13:59 PM

  • Agricultural Products and processed products: We love helping companies reduce expenses and procure large credit facilities such as SBLC, BG, MTN and a lot more specifically for lease and sale

    Our Instrument Stated Above Enhances Your Business Credit Quality and Loan Repayment Abilities. Fulfill Payment/Contacts Obligations, Fund Your Trade/Projects and Establish Trust with Your business Partners
    We help Your Business In Tough Contractual And Financial Situations, Making People/Companies To Sign Contracts And Do Business With You Regardless Your Company’s Credit Rating

    We have a guaranteed way for your business to cut operational costs and improve profitability, making more money for your business at no risk to you.

    If you're ready to take your business to the next level contact us:

    Name: Utpal Chowdhury
    Email: chowdutpal@gmail.com
    Skype: utpal.chowdhury73

    From: Larud finance 4/10/2019 8:57:26 PM

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